Flowers are our joy.  We search out beautiful unique blooms from all over the world.  We are excited to partner with our local small business flower farms growing the freshest most beautiful high end blooms to our area.

Your day is special and unique.   In our fast paced world I feel it is important to stop and listen.  To hear you.  To understand what you are all about and what you really want to see for your wedding day.   Picking wedding flowers can sometimes feel overwhelming.  I am happy to help you along the way, to guide and direct you.  In the end my goal is for this day to be a reflection of you as a couple and your wedding floral vision.  



If you are looking for thoughtful, beautiful WEDDING FLORALS we would love to hear from you!

Rachel Woodhams, principal designer got her start in Ontario Canada. Her schooling in Horticulture and Floral Design gave her a good beginning and working with talented designers pushed her to pursue her floral passions and start Bella Blooms in 2009.

How we got our start in Floral design

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The Knot       Style me pretty

           hen I am not playing with flowers or dreaming up something, I am here, with my two precious girls.  I didn't know how wonderful having kids would be.  How much they can make you laugh and cry.  How they make you see yourself in a totally new light.  I couldn't imagine them growing up in a world without flowers.  Starting out in a swing next to me as I tell them about each bloom and later to see their eager faces when they come home from their cousins excited to see what I have  made today.  I  know  if  it  passes their test my bride is going to love it!

In beautiful Ontario, Canada I found my love of nature and the love of my life.  He is my perfect partner in life and the best assistant I could ever ask for.  Ben is the Floral Architectural Engineer of our team; how are we going to do this... he knows and can make it happen.  When we aren't flowering beautiful events you can find us with our two girls taking nature walks,  cooking up some new recipe or catching a weekend away at the beach.

 I love that my four year old walked through a supplier's cooler and said "Hey Mom did you see those beautiful Scabiosa!!". (It's ok if you don't know what those are... your Mom likely wasn't a florist : ) . I hope they grow up loving flowers and always take note of the small details and simple things in life. The perfect gifts from our Creator.